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Infinite spatial thinking meets
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Infinite possibilities
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It all starts with
a scribble or a sketch


A tool that works
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by Visual Thinkers, Academics, Students, Teachers, Researchers, Journal Keepers, Writers, Knowledge Workers, Designers, Architects, Engineers, Productivity-focused & Creatives. Join them today!

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Academic Studies & Research

Save and access your related documents, anotate PDFs, and add links right next to your notes. Following a lecture, exploring ideas on a research subject, or writing a paper: take notes deftly. Defter Notes offers a unique user experience as it allows for spatial organization, free movement, and gesture-based navigation. Create and move folders, organize and edit pages freely and exactly as you wish.

Personal Knowledge Management

Knowledge management tools are getting more complicated every day. Defter Notes makes sure you have all the essentials: Free moving cards for your Zettlekasten and infinitely nestable spaces to keep them in. Everything is organized spatially, the way it makes sense to you. Your notes are stored on your device locally, with backup and export options to your choice of online or offline storage. Whether you're online or offline, at the office or on the go, your notes on Defter Notes are always waiting for you to make the connections.

Creative Professionals

Visual thinkers, need to create visually and take visual notes. Drag and drop sticky notes, images or web links. Create mind maps, flowcharts and inspiration boards. Illustrators, photographers, architects, engineers, and designers can all benefit from the unique features of Defter Notes. Defter Notes for iPad is your digital papers on your virtual desk space.

Tool for Thought

Handwriting is the most liberating way of making notes. Whether you are in a meeting, learning a new language, or capturing ideas, it lets you flow words on paper without any friction. Enjoy a variety of customizable writing and drawing tools, Scribble support for handwriting to text, and infinite desktops. You can be both creative and productive, with no compromises.

Content Creation

Send excerpts, links and screenshots to your Archive tray, organize, make sense and create from your collections. Easily export and share your notes as images or PDFs. Weather you're planning or creating content, Defter Notes has space for any stage of your process. You can be both creative and productive, with no compromises.

Journaling & Planning

Defter Notes lets you use the best of your iPad and Apple Pencil for many journaling styles. Open your hyperlinked PDF planners, customise papers, resize text boxes. Create your own planners, bujo pages or habit trackers. Import and spread your photos for a scrapbook, just like on a real desk. Discover Defter Notes for your style of journaling.