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Are there any tutorials I can check out?

Yes! We have a list of them on YouTube and we keep adding new ones as we develop more features.

Can I import a PDF and work on it within the app?

Yes! You can open and annotate multiple PDFs in Defter Notes. Just create a "stack" and pick your PDF. You can also change order of pages, add sticky notes on them and extract the pages you need as individual pages. These are all unique features designed for deft note-taking.

Can I add other types of files?

Yes! You can attach / drag and drop any file inside Defter Notes for storage.

How about importing sound and video files? Can I also add epub files?

We are working on adding a range of files within the app. Currently, you can attach any file inside Defter Notes for storage and organizing purposes.

How do I undo / redo?

Tapping with two fingers triggers undo, three fingers is for redo.

I don’t have an Apple Pencil, can I use another stylus / my finger?

Yes. In the lower settings menu, under Pencil you can switch to finger/other stylus instead of Apple Pencil. This will allow you to use your finger or any other stylus.

We have been focusing on Apple Pencil as a priority and still need some time to test with all the other styluses. We would like to remind you that these styluses work in a completely different way and won’t be able to replace Apple Pencil. They might cause issues with palm rejection or pressure sensitivity.

Can I use Scribble in Defter Notes? Does Defter Notes convert handwriting to text?

Yes! Create a textbox by dragging the lowest item from the side menu. In this box, everything you write will automaticly be converted to text. Please note that this function is only supported with Apple Pencil and might be limited to some languages. Here is the official Apple guide to Scribble function for details.

Is there going to be other writing / erasing / pointer / selection tools?

We are currently developing a writing engine that will allow you to use all kinds of inks, pens, and other writing tools. Developing a proprietary writing engine is a hard job to get right, that’s why it needs a little more time before we can introduce it. We kindly ask for your patience.

Is there going to be OCR? Am I going to be able to search within my notes?

This function is on our roadmap. However it is not a priority at this point in development.

Can you add shape assistance for stratight lines and basic shapes?

These are functions we can add after we introduce our writing engine. It is on our roadmap as we'll continue development.

Is there an option for snapping to the grid so everything is neat and tidy?

Yes! You can turn on Snap-to-grid in the lower menu settings, under Interface - Grid options.

Is there a dark mode?

Yes! You can select a theme under Interface - Workspace Colors in the settings menu.

I’m left-handed, is there going to be an option for customizing the interface?

Yes, we are working on this. We are also working on options for changing layouts, background colors, etc.

Is my data safe and private? Do you have access to my notes? If I opt-out from beta testing or delete the app what happens to my notes?

All your data is stored offline on your own device, we don’t have any access to any of it. Because of this, your data will be deleted from your device if you delete the app or if you stop testing.

What happens when beta testing ends?

If you choose to download Defter Notes from the App Store you’ll be able to keep using it without any need for extra steps. If you don’t, the Test Flight version will expire in 90 days and you won’t be able to use it anymore. Please contact us before your testing period expires. We’ll provide you with details about migrating your data and can give you extra time for exporting or saving your files.

What about the pricing?

Defter Notes is on the App Store as a one-time purchase for $19.99 tier. The pricing may vary slightly depending on your region.

Can I review Defter Notes for my blog / YouTube? Can I post about Defter Notes on Reddit / Twitter / social channels?

Sure you can! We'd really appreciate it if you run the post by us first so that there is no misinformation. You can email Cansu about this: We also highlight users on our blog. If you want to be featured please contact us.

Can I sign up for beta testing?

Defter Notes is currently not accepting beta testers. You can contact us via Slack or Discord and we can add you to the waitlist.

Got questions?

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