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Cansu published on Jan 15, 2022

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User Highlight: Rudex

Our notebooks and journals are an extension of our personal spaces. In the user highlight series, I talk to Defter Notes users and explore how they use the iPad app. Hopefully, their stories will give you ideas on how to use the customizable tools according to your needs and inspire you to get creative with your productive work.

This week I had a chat with Rudex, a student from Latin America, as she describes how she uses Defter Notes.

Defter Notes in practice

This is how I normally organize my main space. I like to make diaries with some songs and to use stickers to decorate.

Defter Notes in practice

Normally I write in English and Spanish, I also have a basic level in Korean.

When I study Korean I usually delete the pages after I finish making a vocabulary. As an example: what I do is, I make a list with the vocabulary, then put the translation and then "cover it" with a sticky note while I repeat them out loud. I tend to remove the leaves to start over and so on.

Defter Notes in practice

I love using the app especially for my writing practices in Korean. I saw that it was used in the example images, that inspired me.

You can download Defter Notes on the App Store and discover your style of note-taking.