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Defter Notes team published on May 12, 2021

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Reasons to use Defter Notes as a digital notebook

Write, draft, sketch

handwriting on images with Defter Notes

When you are a visual thinker you need to take visual notes. Defter Notes lets you use the best of your iPad and Apple Pencil inside your note taking space. You can draw on papers, notes, pictures even on folders.

Yes. Even on folders.

double tapping is for editing properties draw and anotate on folders

Easily create foldered spaces, rename and color tag them. They are nested and easily accessible with breadcrumbs.
You can draw or take notes on Defter Notes' folders as you wish. Not an artistic person? You can always choose icons from the symbol library.

Drag and drop. Everything.

draging and droping images in Defter Notes split screen drag and drop

Improve your productive process, you have no limits. Move, organize and edit freely and exactly as you wish.
Drag and drop images, files, links, even text.

Move. Fast, graceful, deliberate.

easily attach images to your handwritten notes add related documents next to your notes

Use gestures to move closer, or pinch out and take a look at the big picture.
Add attachments as photos, links or files. Keep your documents safe, related and in place.

How will you use Defter Notes to improve your process? You can download Defter Notes on the App Store to find out.