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Your agile iPad app
for daily note-taking.
Defter Notes

Digital handwritten notes

Write handwritten notes on your iPad with Apple Pencil, navigate just like you do with real papers. Draft, sketch, adjust on your desk freely. You are not limited to keyboards, sizes or orientations.

Your files are right where you need them

Easily access attachments, create customizable folders and organize documents right in your note-taking space. Arrange professional projects or personal notes, everything you need is in one space.


A clean workspace

Designed to be customizable to your style of note-taking, expandable menu and draggable items keeps your tools easily accessible as you focus on your productive work.

Best Practices

Defter Notes

Creative Professionals

When you are a visual thinker you need to take visual notes. Drag and drop sticky notes, photos or web links to create mind maps, flowcharts and inspiration boards.

Defter Notes


Handwriting is the most liberating way of note-taking. Whether you are in a meeting, learning a new language or capturing ideas, it's important that you are able to flow words on paper. With customizable tools, use Defter Notes as digital paper.

Defter Notes

Academic Studies

To improve your productive process, you should have no limits. Create and move folders, organize and edit pages freely and exactly as you wish. Save and access your related documents and links right next to your notes. Following a lecture or writing a paper, take notes deftly.

Defter Notes


Defter Notes lets you use the best of your iPad and Apple Pencil inside your note taking space. Our co-founder writes on the blog about how she started food journaling during the pandemic. Discover Defter Notes for your style of journaling.

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